HD Photography
HD Aerial Photography and Videography
PDF & Interactive Floor Plans

With each Photo Shoot we will include two sets of Photographs. One created for MLS and second one for Hi Res Printing.

We will create Hi Def Aerial Videography movie in Vimeo and YouTube and will always include link, so the movie can be downloaded and used for other marketing on agent and company websites, Facebook, Google+ or other social media sites.

Please note that we are FAA Part 107 Certified and licensed to operate Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) and therefore we are bound by safety and airspace guidelines and restrictions.

Every Floor Plan that we create includes branded (for agent presentation) and non-branded (for MLS) PDF file as well as Interactive Floor Plan that that has Photographs taken by BostonREP Photographer right on the Interactive Floor Plans showing directions at which each Photograph was taken. Our Interactive Floor Plans also have ability to place furniture to see the layout.

Virtual Home Staging
Example of Vacant/Empty Room
Example of Virtually Staged Room

We can Virtually Stage any home, any room and make it much more interesting and appealing to home buyers. At the same time it costs just a fraction of what real physical staging costs and it eliminates problems with deliveries, damage to properties while staging and.... it’s ready within 2-3 business days. Our fee is only $65 per Virtually Staged Photo.

CATALOGS to choose from:          Living Rooms     Dining Rooms     Bedrooms    Outdoor    Other

           Virtual Staging Main Page

You can choose from hundreds of different design and styles.... to fit your taste.

Property Flyers - Beauty Sheets

Each Flyer includes a Hi Res PDF file, as well as jpg file. If listing price changes, we’ll be happy to update it for you at no additional charge.

100+ Professionally designed Flyer designs to choose from.

Matterport 3D Tours:

Matterport-360 3D Virtual Tour            VS.                     Matterport-4K 3D Virtual Tour
Zillow Walkthrough Video

As a Zillow Select Photographer we can record and upload a video walkthrough within the Zillow app and publish it to any listing. It is quick and easy – and the impact is powerful. Listings with a Zillow video walkthrough get::

Sorted to the top of search results        More than double the page views        Double the saves        More potential buyer contacts
Zillow Walkthrough Video is incorporated into BostonREP Property Website, so it is visible on MLS Listings when syndicated

Why Zillow Walkthrough Video?

- Automatically displayed on Zillow and Trulia

  1. -Priority ranking in Zillow directory

  2. -Listings with Video Walkthrough are sorted to the top of Zillow search results

  3. -Listings with Video Walkthrough are getting more then 2x the page views and saves

  4. -Zillow Walkthrough Video is a short, about 2-3 minutes Full Motion Walkthrough Video of the property

  5. -Only a very small % of listings have Walkthrough Video on Zillow.
    - Zillow Walkthrough Video is incorporated into BostonREP Property Website, so it is visible on MLS Listings when syndicated

NOTE: We can also incorporate Short Aerial Video with Zillow Walkthrough Video (when Short Aerial Video is purchased (Package 4 & Package 5)

Zillow Walkthrough Video

Short ($80), Standard ($150), Extended ($225)

Video will also be incorporated into Property Websites

Zillow Walkthrough Video with

Agent Property Introduction (15s) & Ending Remarks (15s)

(Add-on to any Zillow Walkthrough Video only) - Additional $70

See example of an actual listing and how it performed - 2 Sargent St, Beverly MA

Photography + Zillow Walkthrough Video - $330

Photography + Zillow Walkthrough + Agent Intro - $400

Copyright Information

The photographer owns the copyright to all images. The agent/agency is purchasing rights to use images in marketing the property. Images may not be used to market another, similar property. Images may also not be provided to any 3rd party including, but not limited to, stagers, homeowners, builders, other agents, or any print or Internet publication without the consent of the photographer. Photos used as cover shots for real estate marketing publications must also include a credit to the photographer.

COPYRIGHT   All photographs from photographer Marek Biela and/or BostonREP.com ("The Photographer") are the exclusive Intellectual Property of The Photographer and are protected under U.S. and International Copyright Laws. Copyright Law of the United States and Related Laws are Contained in Title 17 of the United States Code. 

Making Agents look great.... and their listings shine

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4 Easy Ways to Schedule

CALL / TEXT: 617-206-1400

Dedicated Scheduling-Only Phone & Text Line

Preferred by BostonREP

Please provide us with the following:

1. Name / Email / Cell   2. Property Address & approx. sq. ft.   3. What service would you like to schedule

4. Preferred day for Photo Shoot   5. Name of your broker/office

Contact ALL BostonREP Photographers with 1 email.

Open this Matterport in a new, Larger Window to evaluate Quality.

Open this Matterport in a new, Larger Window to evaluate Quality.

Onsite Twilight Photos

Photographs taken at a separate appointment scheduled at the end of the day - $200    (Larger properties add $50).        Example

Virtual Twilight Photos - Daylight to Twilight

Virtual Twilight Photos are taken during the day, then processed from Daylight to Twilight - $50 per Photo.   Additional examples

CUSTOM Zillow Walkthrough Video option:

QUALITY:        Medium Quality Tours

TIME on Site:  15 Min Per 1,000 sq. ft.

Cost:               25% Less than 4K

Floor Plans:     Does not apply

QUALITY:          Highest Quality Tours - 4K ... like being there...

TIME on Site:    25 Min Per 1,000 sq. ft.

Cost:                 Standard Matterport Fee (.10 per sq. ft. with min $250)

Floor Plans:       Extra $120 but... 2-3 Days Turn-Around Time,

                          No Interactive Floor Plans, No Edits or Room Renaming